Paula Deen weight Loss: How did she do it?

The paula deen weight loss diet is from the ever honest, southen-cooking Queen who has become a role model to many. Paula Deen is an extremely popular American Chef who appears on television to teach people how to cook great tasting food. We all love Paula with her as shePaula Deen Weight Loss diet showcases are mouth watering dishes. She specializes in many delicious dishes most of which are incredibly tasty and authentic. However, every chef will easily tell you that when you spend so much time tasting foods, there is always a chance you may gain a few pounds. It is important to note that when you have accomplished, critics are after in an attempt to make some headlines. Ms. Deen’s critics hit the ‘star’ really hard in early 2012 when she announced she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Most of the critics and newspaper articles published about her diagnosis focused on the fact that Type 2 diabetes is caused by eating the kinds of foods she teaches others to cook. The critics inadvertently put diabetes back on the front page of hundreds of the country’s top newspapers because it is known to be one of the most silent killers out there. The most important thing that i want to convey is that Paula lost her weight, and so can you. This famous television chef and celebrity lost 36 pounds and she’s been successful at maintaining herPaula Deen Weight Loss diet southern belle figure. She claims she was able to lose weight without giving up her favorite foods including butter and other fattening ingredients. Is it possible that we can copy the Paula’s weight loss plans and get some results? I am glad you asked. The author of this article thinks so. Please keep reading. Actionable Tips From Mrs Deen’s Weight Loss Diet Paula believes in moderation, not deprivation. In fact, she said that her life would be bleak if she couldn’t eat her grandmother’s mouthwatering pound cake or her classic Southern fried chicken. She eats those foods about once a month. She consumes a very small piece of pound cake and about a serving of the chicken. “It’s amazing how little changes will give you big results,” she says. Paula advises her loyal fans to control their portions if they want to lose weight, not to give up their favorite foods entirely. Her ‘rule of thumb’ is to eat only a fistful of meat and starch and at least half the plate should consist of healthy vegetables. That’s sound advice. Anyone that begins controlling their portions is on a ‘portion control’ diet which is one of the best diets in the world because it allows people to continue to eat the foods they enjoy without gaining any weight. The weight loss of Paula Deen is old fashioned yet effective and i like it: moderation is the key to weight loss. I like it because it is practical and anyone can use it. During an interview, Paula said she doesn’t eat diet food. She still eats real food rather than those fat-free substitutes that aren’t satisfying to the taste buds or the stomach. She said, “In myPaula Deen Weight Loss diet refrigerator, there’s no light mayonnaise. I’d rather eat less of the real thing and have it taste really good than have diet stuff that tastes awful.” Paula’s weight loss victory is not a one man’s island. It has been a lifestyle and a family. As reported by Huffington Post in this article here, the entire family has also benefited as a result. The weight loss plan of Paula Deen has a synergistic effect. This article reports that the entire has lost about 178 lbs in total! Do you see how one determined action change the entire family. You can follow the Paula Deen weight loss example and shed a few pounds. Just do it! Paula’s diet success story isn’t that unusual since she doesn’t provide any new advice. People have been controlling their portions as a weight loss strategy for centuries, and many people stay away from diet foods simply because they don’t taste good. She recommends people eat more slowly which is another diet mainstay for those that want to lose weight. The idea behind this strategy is that when you eat slowly, you give the stomach an opportunity to send signals to the brain that it is full and satisfied. Research shows it takes the stomach about twenty minutes to communicate to the brain that it has enough food, to get around this most people eat very fast. “Rethink your plate before you sit down to eat” says Paula. She doubled the vegetables on her plate so she eats more of the right foods. She claims that vegetables fill her up a lot faster so she eats less of the fattening stuff. If she’s at a restaurant, she orders coleslaw instead of fries, and she uses Greek yogurt to add creaminess to her Paula Deen weight loss recipes. I would like to mention that the latest breakthrough in weight loss is now in green coffee bean exact. An evidenced based research has shown that these natural products not only help you loose weight but they also lower the fat content in your blood. Dr Oz has talked about pure green bean extract in his show here. This is big news at it will lessen cardiovascular complications in your blood. Finally, Paula Deen cut down on eating fruit smoothies for breakfast because they immediately turn to sugar. She enjoys getting protein by eating peanut butter and fruit. Just remember that to succeed in weight loss and life in general you need to have consistency or practice such a lifestyle. I truly hope that you have a few towards Paula Deen’s lessening weight diet plan. Please take action.

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